Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Makeup Revolution Haul - Fair Contour Palette & Rose Gold Lipsticks

Hey Minna! 

I know it's been a while but i'm back with a Makeup Revolution Haul, I don't think that these are new products as i've seen them on their website for a few months. However I think these are new to Superdrug and any other high street stores that stock Makeup Revolution.

The three items i bought were the HD Pro Powder Fair Contour Palette and two of the Rose Gold Lipsticks 

For someone as deathly pale as me it's really difficult to find a contour palette that is fair enough to suit my complexion, also one that doesn't break the bank. In this palette you get a variety of warm tone and cool tone brown shades to suit every fair skin type, you also get a bright highlight shade and a colour similar to the banana powder that everyone is raving about. 

Since i've bought this palette i've been obsessed, if there is any girls out there who have avoided contour due to how pale they are, you genuinely should try this. I would 100% recommend it 

The two lipsticks I bought are Chauffeur on the left and Diamond Life on the right. They are both a cream sheen kind of texture so they don't dry down and they aren't a matte consistency. Diamond Life slightly stains the lips so being precise with this shade is a must. I believe there are two other colours in this collection as well a deep purple shade and a bright red. 

Overall I'm very happy with this tiny haul, I would recommend every product as they are genuinely really high quality and not expensive. 

HD Pro Fair Contour Palette - £10
Rose Gold Lipsticks - £3.00 each

Thank you very much for reading my review and I hope you stick around for more in the future 
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Monday, 29 August 2016

Top Tip of the August! - Iron on Patches ♥

Konnichiwa minna! ♥

Today is going to be the beginning of my monthly series "Top Tips" this can be anything from a fashion tip to a cosplay tip.

This month's top tip is "DIY Hats". Lately there has been a patches craze in Asia, so i decided to jump on the bandwagon. I first started seeing these hats being worn by Kpop idols and then eventually Youtube stars, so obviously I had to get my hands on some. I usually buy my clothes & accessories from Yesstyle, on there the patched hats were between £5 and £12 so I considered making them myself to cut the cost a little.

I went onto eBay and found two cheap skip hats for under £3 each, I wanted a dark one and a light one to basically go with every outfit. After picking my hats I chose the patches! Both patches were around £1 each which gave me two patched hats for £8 ♥

Both of the patches were iron-on patches so it's a little easier than sewing them on the material. The purple hat is suede and wasn't affected by ironing on the patch which is awesome!

Thank you very much for reading my quick tip and I hope you stick around for more in the future 
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Sunday, 26 June 2016

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick Review - Rose Matter ♥

Hello Minna! Today I have a review for the Jeffree Star brand, specifically one of the coveted Velour Liquid Lipsticks. Being from the UK it's really difficult to get my hands on Jeffree's products without being hit with EPIC customs charges, I however was able to grab Rose Matter on EBay for far cheaper than I would've been paying.

The packaging is absolutely adorable, hot pink with rose gold detailing! 

I love Rose Matter, it's probably my ultimate favourite out of all of my lipsticks now. The colour is a vintage pinky/brown shade that will literally go with every skin tone. It is probably one of the most satisfying lipsticks to apply, it feels like velvet and it's completely opaque.

The lasting power of this lipstick is unreal, usually liquid matte products can become flakey and even drier over a few hours which means you are constantly applying them throughout the day. However these can last up to 7 hours without needing to be reapplied even when you have been eating or drinking. 

I highly recommend this lipstick line and any product by Jeffree Star, his brand is Vegan and Cruelty Free which is what I always look for first in a make up brand.

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick - $18 (Paid £24 on EBay) 

Thank you very much for reading my review and I hope you stick around for more in the future 
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Monday, 6 June 2016

Uniqso Haul! - I Fairy/Vassen Dolly+ Grey ♥

Hey minna! Today I have a Circle Lenses review for you. Even though i've bought three pairs of lenses I will only be reviewing the I Fairy Dolly+ Grey as the other two have been a re-purchase!

If any of you are interested in the GEO Princess Mimi or I Fairy Dolly+ Brown then please check out two of my previous Circle Lens Hauls for the original review xxx

Base Curve: 8.6mm
Tones: 2 Tones
Diameter: 16.2 mm
Replacement Period: 1 Year
Water Content: 55%

Just like the Dolly+ Brown lenses, these are exceptionally comfortable. My eyes are naturally very dark so I have quite a harsh gradient between the lenses and my own eye colour, however I still adore these. I originally bought them for my Black Widow Cosplay (Blog post for this will happen soon!),  but I would actually wear these on a daily basis as well due to how easy they are to wear. 

For people with light coloured eyes these would definitely be the ones to buy, they are super enlarging and very vibrant. However like me, if it's just for cosplay then these will be perfect for a long convention day.

I Fairy Dolly+ Grey - £15.90

Thank you very much for reading my review and I hope you stick around for more in the future 
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Saturday, 7 May 2016

Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Palette - Inspired by the movie: Alice Through The Looking Glass ♥

Hello minna! ♥ I've been absent for a while due to other commitments and now I have a surprise for all of you. The new Alice in Wonderland palette has just been released by Urban Decay on the 5th of May and I had to run and get my pre-order! I hope you all enjoy this review 

First of all the packaging is typical UD, bold and amazing. The usefulness of the packaging is still zero as the majority is just for aesthetic effect, but I still love it regardless. 

The palette has 20 eyeshadows that vary in texture, pigmentation and colour. However I would say that this palette has a lot of neutrals so if you prefer this then this one is definitely for you, especially if you are trying to experiment with bolder shades. The shadowbox also comes with a double-ended eyeshadow brush, one side is a normal flat brush and they other is a tapered crease brush. I've always admired UD for giving such good brushes in their palettes compared to other brands.

I adore this palette, it is probably my favourite one from UD for a couple of years (yes i've been a little sick of the constant NAKED palettes). Some colours are more pigmented than others, especially the third row. However other shades are less opaque such as the mattes, I think if they are built upon or used in a specific way they will be perfectly fine to work with ♥ 

My favourite shades of this palette are Metamorphosis and Dormouse! Metamorphosis is just an amazing dusty pale blue which is quite unique and Dormouse is such a lovely warm brown with gold glitter. 

Thank you very much for reading my review and I hope you stick around for more in the future 
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Monday, 7 March 2016

Makeup Revolution Salvation Lip Lacquer Review!

Hey guys! I know that it's been a while but i've been busy with work and photo shoots for my newest cosplay. So today i'm back with a review of Makeup Revolution's Lip Lacquers, which I have been obsessed with for the past few weeks. 

Out of the 11 shades I bought the 6 that I loved the most! 

Keep Trying For You

This is a bold traditional blue toned red, which actually reminds me of a Christmas type red. This is one of the most opaque from the collection, however it does stain your lips and will take a heavy duty make-up remover to get it off.

Keep Flying For You

This is the most bold tangerine colour in existence! It's personally my least favourite from the collection since it is such a neon shade and it has a patchy colour pay off as well. I think this may suit certain skin tones more than others, due to my extremely pale skin it made me look a little washed out.

I Fall In Love

This is the ultimate Barbie pink colour, The texture of this shade is very similar to the orange one. in the sense that it is quite patchy unless it is applied very precisely, however this one is also the longest staying so the pros and cons balance each other out.

Keep Crying For You

This is a bright rose pink with a kind of purple undertone to it, and out of the colours I have this is probably the most easy to wear since it is very muted. The colour is similar to Suedeberry from Lime Crime but I feel like the application is easier with this product.


My favourite shade of the entire collection, this is literally the most beautiful true lilac lipstick that i've ever bought. I'm not entirely sure how, but I find this to be really wearable outside and not just for photoshoots as I feel like it goes with my pale complexion really well. This was the first shade I bought and it's perfection and can stay for up to 5 hours (That's how long I kept it on) without budging.

Black Heart

For me this is an exact dupe of Lime Crime's Black Velvet, everything about it is practically the same. The colour, the consistency, the pay off and the texture after drying are very similar to Black Velvet but for a fraction of the price. If you're into black lipsticks then this would be your holy grail product.

All of these lipsticks were from Superdrug and usually Makeup Revolution is only sold in the larger stores. 

Makeup Revolution Salvation Lip Lacquer - £3 

Thank you very much for reading my transformation and I hope you stick around for more in the future 
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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette Review! ♥

Konnichiwa Minna! ♥ Today I have an Urban Decay review and it's for the Vice 4 palette. This palette came out a couple of months ago and I just received it as a surprise Christmas present from my wonderful fiance, so i've decided to do a quite in depth review of it since this is my new current make-up obsession!

The packaging is absolutely stunning, I love the holographic edgy design of the palette and also how it's completely practical. As most people know Urban Decay isn't the best at making packaging that's easy to travel with or store, so this is perfect as it comes with a travel pouch and is made from sturdy plastic.

The mirror is freaking huge... This is always a plus for me, and it can stay up on it's own without flopping back like many other palettes. It also has a clipped closure, so there's a very small chance that the palette will randomly open in your bag or suitcase!

There are exactly 20 eye shadows that are mattes, shimmers, duo chromes and glitters. For me this is probably the most balanced Urban Decay palette i've seen in a long time, it's not very often you get a nice selection of matte shades from UD so this was a lovely surprise.

Top to Bottom: Bones, Grip, Deadbeat, Beatdown & Pandemonium

The first line of shades are pretty dark and they are all super shimmery. Deadbeat was the only slight disappointment in this line as the glitter doesn't really show up as well as it does in the pan and the texture is a little chalky. Other than that one shade, all of the others are stunning!

Top to Bottom: Framed, Fastball, 1985, Underhand & Harlot

My favourite line of shades ever... All of these red/pinks are fantastic, the texture on all of them is butter smooth and the colour pay off is brilliant, I would've probably bought this palette just for these shades in all honesty.

Top to Bottom: Discreet, Grasshopper, C-Note, Arctic & Robbery

Ahhh the pretty greens. Just like the red/pinks, all of these are very buttery and easy to apply. However the last shade (Robbery) is a little on the chalky side much like Deadbeat from the first row. Chalky textures aside, the pigmentation is actually really amazing on all of these shades including Robbery.

Top to Bottom: Bitter, Flame, Low, Crowbar & Delete

These colours look so much better on the skin than they do in the palette, it's not too often I say that as well. My favourite here is definitely Flame, it's an insane orange/gold/red holographic shade that looks incredible when you're in natural light. The two mattes here are very well pigmented at apply smoothly which was surprising. 

Overall I would completely recommend this palette, it's fun with enough neutral shades to use everyday. It's such a well balanced palette at for £43 I think it's completely worth the money!

Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette

Thank you very much for reading my review and I hope you stick around for more in the future 
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